Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I did a survey on if there should be a school dress code. The graph above are my results. I also interviewed Kylie Kurzban (blue) and Lily Polvy (red).

Me: What are your thoughts on having a school dress code?
Lily: "I think that we shouldn't have a school dress code because people might want to express themselves freely."
Kylie: "I agree with Lily. People should have a say in what they want to wear to school."
Me: It's nice to hear students opinion on this.
"Also,  what do you think of wearing uniforms to school?
Kylie: "First of all, why would people want to look the same? Everyone has their own style and body figure."
Lily: "People may not feel comfortable wearing a uniform."
Kylie: "I think it's better to be able to express yourself in your own unique way. I think that there's no point in dressing the same as everyone else. I'd rather be myself with my own style."

I also interviewed Makayla Lombardo (green) on having a dress code.

Me: "Do you like our school dress code?"
Makayla: "Yeah, I think it's reasonable, but I couldn't imagine wearing uniforms. I'd rather be different than the same.

The majority of people I talked to and voted on my poll thought that it's best not to have a dress code. Personally, I'd like to tweak our dress code a little but otherwise, I don't mind it. Like Makayla said, It's reasonable. 

I also found out that most teens don't like their school dress code either. This is mostly a problem for girls because they are the ones being blamed for this problem. On TheHuffingtonPost, I found out that a girl got sent home because she decided not to wear a dress to prom. It never said you had to wear one so it isn't her fault. Anyways, if you haven't already take my survey (on my sidebar). Overall, people would rather be able to wear their own kind of style without limits.
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Game 2

I have realized that not many people go to the Flipboard magazine to check out outstanding posts. I found three amazing blogs and I would like to share them.

Hi Karah,
I agree with you on everything you wrote. I agree that school started too early. When I transitioned from elementary school to middle school, school started about an hour later. I think that it's good, but I spend the majority of my extra time to sleep by finishing up a project or homework. Do you have a favorite subject? Come check out my blog!
-Emily ;))

Hi Sidd,
I agree that we should be allowed to use our phones in class for certain things. At my school, if we have permission, we are allowed to use it for work purposes. At lunch and nutrition, we are allowed to use it for anything as long as it doesn't disrupt anything. I like how you used pro's and cons! Come check out my blog.

-Emily ;))

Hey Rit,
I completely agree with you on making your school go from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I remember how sad it was to leave my elementary school to go to a different school. I also like how you are trying to do something about things that you want to change! Keep up the good work! Come check out my blog.
-Emily :))
Go to the Flipboard magazine for more amazing posts like these! ;))

Friday, November 25, 2016

Overall on Commenting

This week on the student blogging challenge we focussed on good quality comments. I searched around and found many intriguing blogs. On my journey, I learned about people from different countries. I loved learning about someone I've never met before because it felt like I was making friends through commenting on some of their hobbies. There is a certain format that a blogger needs to follow to write a quality comment. First of all, the blogger should start by addressing the person they are talking too. Then, they should say what they liked about their post. After that, they can either agree with something or disagree. After that, they can attach a link to their blog and sign their name. An example of someone using that format is below.

       Hi Maya,
I liked how you talked about how protein(such as beef jerky) is important for building up muscles. I agree with you on that. I play soccer and my coach tells us after a game to eat a lot of protein so we can repair and build our muscles stronger. Come check out my blog!

Keep on blogging!
-Emily :))

I liked reading about how life is different in a different place. Some people I found were across the country and some were in another community. Everyone has their own opinion and their own thoughts. I liked being apart of someone else's life. I felt like I've met the person before because I learned a lot about them and their community. To add on to that, I've created a list to help people start a good comment so they can interact with people besides the one's standing next to them.

Good Starting Comments
I like how you...
Did you know that...
I can relate because...
and more!

I hope I helped you by writing this post! Here are some really cool blogs that you should check out!



Comment below if this helped you in any way! If it did, I will write more of these! :))