Hollering in Hawaii
(Based on a true story)

“Help! Help me!” I screamed, panicked, ready to say goodbye to my life. I was drowning in my own tears, and I felt like I was in a tricky situation for only being 11 years old. Feeling very faint, I fought hard to swim as many lumbered breaths came in and out. Besides the life under the sea, not a single soul seemed to be around. I was over the moon panicked by seeing a shark that I forgot to do the necessaries; breathe, swim, and stay with my family. One step at a time, my teeth chattered with fear and I knew that it’s going to be now or never. The water whistled as I kicked and punched in fury to get to the shore.

I felt as if I was stranded in my own head, like I was trapped in my revolving thoughts of doom, rather than the ocean surrounding me. As my muscles tensed and I saw a fin identical to a shark’s, I felt frustrated with myself to have even been put in this position. I’ve never been the fastest swimmer, but when I saw that shark, I swam faster than Michael Phelps. When I thought nothing could get worse, it started to shower droplets.  My snorkel got filled with water from the droplets falling from up above. I took my snorkel off, wrapped it around my wrist, and swam to shore, shredded everything in my way from the seaweed to the pollution. I finally gained enough courage to look back and stop swimming for what seemed like an infinity of hours.

“Yes!” I cheered. No more sharks followed me. “Oh no,” I sighed and realized I swam the opposite direction of where my family was the last time I saw them. As I was making my way to shore, I finally saw people. The tide picked up, and I scuttled to the hot, dry sand. “Ouch,” I thought to myself. I scraped my knee on a rock climbing out of the ocean. Joy filled through me because I realized that I was running to where my parents were and found my mom and brother sitting there, screaming. I felt like a toddler; tripping over my own feet in joy of seeing my parents.
“Alexa, Alexa!” I heard my mom screaming from the distance.
“I’m right here mom!” I screamed.
She ran toward me and lunged into a bear hug.
“We thought we lost you!” She whispered in my ear.
“I thought I was a goner too,” I said sarcastically, trying to lighten the mood. “Where’s dad?” I asked concerned.
“He’s in the ocean looking for you. Scott! Scott! We have Alexa!” Spoke my mom and brother in unison. My dad came running up and hugged me.
“I really thought we lost you but thankfully you found your way back,”
exclaimed my dad. My dad’s face was as predictable as a burglar on trial; trying to keep in the fact that he’s terror-stricken. We left after I dried off, and no one really talked about the crazy incident that happened to be the scariest moment of my life.


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